AlmightyZ is Georgian rapper, This is one of his latest singles From The Mixtape called “Civil Disobedience” – The Mixtape Should be officially dropping in may, however the date is not completely set for the release.
Main Source you can reach AlmightyZ is his YouTube channel, if you want to just say Hi, or collab if you like his style, you can find him by searching AlmightyZ.
You can Also Find his music on various blogs such as, Civil disobidiece matches the patterns of the normal mixtapes including everything moral songs, sad songs, happy songs, banger songs, and psychopathic songs, the main platform or DAW that he uses is Logic pro x, one of the key features of this mixtape is that everything in the mixtape will be from stock plugins except drums.
“It would be great if you can check out the channel, cause I work hard for it, days and days trying to improve and build my name it makes me happy to see one person like my music and enjoy, cause it gives me the motivation to do more.”
In Conclusion, new rapper , trying the scene , if you have time check him out and leave a feedback , it is very valuable what did you liked and what you did not and so on so forth.
As well as enjoy of course and have fun, cause that’s the main point of life don’t you agree?
Anyways thanks for reading so far if you did and see you on the channel .

Youtube- AlmightyZ
Twitter- AlmightyZ1